Water Features

Add wildlife to your garden with water features

Creating a beautiful space

The presence of moving water entices wildlife into a garden within days of construction. We never tire of the variety of life we see in the garden ponds we create.

At My Garden, we can dig down or raise up the pond level depending on the topography of your site. We can integrate into slopes although it's not for the faint-hearted. We need quite a bit of rock to build the perfect water feature for you, so access is important. 
Please make sure to consider the safety issues of toddlers and young children before deciding a pond is for you. 
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Water features we specialise in 

  • Pond design
  • Pond installation
  • Waterfall 
  • Water features
  • Streams
You can take a look at some of our previous work in our gallery section. We offer our services in Tayport, Dundee, St Andrews, Cupar and the surrounding areas.
Looking to add a garden pond or a water feature to your garden in St Andrews or the Fife area?
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